What are the Best Crops to Grow in Sarasota Backyards?

Florida is a gardener’s paradise. Except when it isn’t. From late October through early May, gardening is a joy. Sarasota’s weather borders on perfection, with plenty of sunshine, low humidity, warm days, and cool nights. Indeed, you can work all day without scarcely breaking a sweat. Then in late spring, everything changes. Florida’s perfect weather…

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Does the British Royal Family Drive Jaguars?

As a devoted follower of the Netflix series, The Crown, I have learned way more about the British Royal Family  than I ever needed to know.  But never once have I been lulled into believing that the lines of spoken dialogue are in any way authentic, as no one involved with the show has ever…

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Do Jaguar SUV’s Hold Their Value Well?

How well a car holds its value depends on many things, including its current condition, the mileage it has logged, its maintenance history, and the level of market demand for such a vehicle at the time of sale. With supply chain disruptions presently choking-off new car production, the demand for pre-owned cars has grown exponentially,…

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How to Start a Jaguar with Dead Key Fob

To start your Jaguar with a dead key fob, you’ll need to get inside of your Jaguar manually. You must first retrieve your mechanical key within your key fob. Here are the following steps to retrieve your mechanical key: Remove the cover on the side of your Jaguar’s key fob. Once you remove the cover,…

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What is Jaguar Torque-Vectoring?

Torque-vectoring is a performance technology that increases vehicles’ traction and handling in dry or wet conditions. The Jaguar XE Sedan, Jaguar F-PACE SUV, and Jaguar F-TYPE have this helpful system. How does torque-vectoring work? The Torque-Vectoring System uses sensors that collaborate to provide the best corner turning ability. The system computes the fairest distribution of torque to a…

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How to Setup the 2022 Jaguar Bluetooth System

How to Setup Bluetooth Phone Pairing to a 2022 Jaguar using the “Jaguar F -Pace” 1.) Put your Jaguar in PARK. 2.) Press the PHONE panel on your Jaguar’s home screen. 3.) Go to your SETTINGS and turn on BLUETOOTH in your mobile device. 4.) Select “Jaguar F -Pace” under devices in your mobile device….

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The Best Dog Beaches and Dog Parks in the Sarasota Area

  Lake View Paw Park 7150 Lago St, Sarasota, FL 34241 The excruciatingly hot Florida days can be far from fun for you and your furry four-legged friend, but if an adventurous early or mid-afternoon is the plan, then Lake View Paw Park is the place to be. This park is notable because it is a shaded…

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Things to do in Sarasota When It’s Too Hot Outside

There are only two things to do in Sarasota when it gets hot.  You can either fly to Wisconsin; and stay there through mid-October.   Or you can remain in Florida and make the most out of the months when rising temperatures send tourists and spring breakers on a mad dash for the airport. I choose…

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Jaguars History at Le Mans

Jaguar Racing at Le Mans:  Where Endurance Wins the Day Automobile racing comes in more forms than most people realize.  To American fans, the two best known are open-wheel racing—as exemplified by IndyCar racing in the Indianapolis 500—and stock car racing, as typified by NASCAR racing in the Daytona 500. Although these two styles of…

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Is Jaguar Better than Audi?

Asking which is the better choice, a Jaguar or an Audi, is a little like asking a parent to name their favorite child. Or asking a child to choose between a boisterous, fun-loving uncle or a stern but nurturing aunt.  Each invites an unreasonable comparison. That said, most parents secretly have a favorite child, most…

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