Buy or Lease?

Buying and Leasing have great benefits but which is right for you? We’ll help you decide. Whether you buy or lease we’re committed to delivering excellent service and value.




Lease: You pay for the use of the vehicle for the term of lease. Upon completion of the lease, you must return the vehicle, unless you choose to exercise the option of purchasing it.


Buy: Once you have completed the terms of your contract, you own the vehicle, free and clear.
Lease: Monthly lease payments are usually lower since you are only paying for the value of the vehicle during the term of the lease.


Buy: Because you are paying the full purchase price for the vehicle, and each payment goes toward building equity in your vehicle, monthly payments tend to be higher.
Lease: Most lease terms end before a manufacturer's warranty expires. While regular maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations are necessary and required per the terms of your lease agreement, costs are minimal.


Buy: Ownership means you have no lease-end obligations regarding maintenance. You are free to determine when, where, and how you care for your vehicle.
Lease: Approved accessories are available to customize your vehicle at the time of lease inception.


Buy: You can customize your vehicle as you wish at any time.
Lease: Chrysler Capital offers a variety of mileage options to suit almost any lifestyle.


Buy: You have no mileage restrictions.
Lease: GAP coverage is included in the terms of your Chrysler Capital lease agreement, providing you with peace of mind in the event of total loss.


Buy: GAP coverage can be added at the time of purchase and rolled into your monthly payment.*
Lease: Normal wear and tear from the day-to-day operation of a vehicle is expected and covered.


Buy: As the vehicle owner, you determine when and how you deal with damage to your vehicle.
Lease: In many states, the tax calculation is based on the monthly payment, versus the full value of the vehicle.** If you use the vehicle for business purposes, you may be able to deduct a portion of payment.***


Buy: Tax on the full purchase price of the vehicle is due at signing and can be rolled into your monthly payment.
Lease: Leasing provides you with end-of-term options. You are free to turn in your vehicle or purchase it at the preset price.


Buy: After you've completed the terms of your contract agreement, the vehicle is yours to keep or trade-in on another vehicle.

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*GAP coverage policies are not available in all states or offered by all dealers. **Check with your dealer regarding your state’s leasing rules and regulations. ***Consult with your tax advisor/professional regarding potential tax benefits.