Everything You Need to Know About the Jaguar XF

In 2018, it was made official – the Jaguar is back – and this time, it’s here to stay. The British automaker has returned to the manufacturing of its world-class product once again, and with the popularity of the Jaguar XF, it’s clear they are on a roll.

This well-designed, stately sedan offers a quality alternative to some other executive cars available today. If you are considering the Jaguar XF for your new ride, learn more about it and what it offers here.

A Smart and Mature Design

The design of the Jaguar XF is where the initial impression is made. It has a mature and unique look on the surface, which has been paired with a rather sly foreshadowing of all the fun to come.

The large grille matches well with the chiseled lines present on the hood. The back end of the vehicle has been accented with an appealing chrome strip that connects the taillights along with the protruding exhaust tips. The entire look is tied together thanks to the abundance of chrome accidents on the exterior which make it sleek and eye-catching.

An Easy and Comfortable Interior

The exterior isn’t the only part of the Jaguar XF that’s turning heads. The quality design continues inside.

The cabin has been laid out in a smart manner, making it comfortable and intuitive. When you fire up the ignition, the rotary drive mode selector rises illustrating how this vehicle perfectly combines spectacle, luxury, and technology.

The Devil’s in the Details

The true luxury of this vehicle is seen in the many details spread throughout. The seats have been upholstered in a beautiful copper brown leather, featuring fine stitching. The stalks, knobs, and buttons all exude quality in how they feel and click.

You’ll also find a huge list of interesting equipment that will help enhance your commute. For example, the power-adjustable seats offer 14 comfort settings, along with folding wings (manually operated) for the headrest, providing additional support. However, seat comfort doesn’t stop there, as you also have powered thigh-extensions, which roll out from under the seat.

This is a huge difference compared to the BMW’s and Mercedes’ thigh supports, which are operated manually. These vehicle’s options also have a crease which is like a magnet for dirt and crumbs.

Vented and heated seat options are available and a heated steering wheel. In the rear passengers can enjoy dual-zone climate control along with heated seats. They also have access to rear and side window shades, which help to increase the executive feel and appeal further.

Amazing Tech Features

When it comes to tech, the Jaguar XF doesn’t disappoint. The tech inside this luxury sedan will change all the previous notions you had about Jaguar being an “old-school” car maker. The included infotainment system is responsive and fast while looking cool and modern.

The entire system is powered by the quad-core processor, which features its very own operating system. You can easily connect your phone to your new Jaguar using a USB cable and gain access to some apps on the screen.

For truly tech-savvy drivers, add a SIM card to the vehicle and receive in-car internet connectivity. With this feature, you can access cabin preconditioning.

The tech features don’t stop there. Drivers have access to a 12.3-inch display that’s able to be set up and reconfigured in several ways. The look and function are like the virtual cockpit found in Audis and the digital gauge clusters available in Volvos. Another tech option worth mentioning is the head-up display, which provides helpful information to the driver.

A Powerful Powertrain

You have several options when it comes to what’s under the hood. You can go with the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 offering 340 horsepower or opt for about 40 additional ponies by getting the XF S, rather than the 35t model. However, even though one is less powerful, it’s still fast.

The Jaguar XF’s engine has been paired with a quick-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel-drive system that can change the power delivery in just 250 milliseconds. The entire combination helps the XF 35t reach highway speeds in only five seconds.

The XF feels much more competitive than the other sedans with six-cylinders of this size.

Drive Modes of the Jaguar XF

This Jaguar makes very good use of the powertrain. There are several drive modes to choose between that are going to alter several parameters, including the behavior of the transmission, feel of the throttle, suspension, and steering.

While the preset modes offer enough differentiation to meet driver expectations, the dynamic mode is much more fun. There’s also an eco-mode that smooths the entire ride out, improving fuel consumption.

Beyond these options, you can use the “configurable dynamics.” With this, you can customize each setting to your preferences.

The Jaguar XF: Is it the Right Ride for You?

Have you been considering the purchase of a new sedan? Do you want a car that combines all the best of luxury and performance? If so, the Jaguar XF may be the perfect vehicle for you.

With all the information here, you should be able to make an informed decision regarding if this is the vehicle you want to purchase. Make sure to do your own research, as a new car is a significant investment and one you want to be sure about.

If you are interested in the Jaguar brand, but not sure if the XF is right for you, check out our selection of new vehicles. We have something for everyone.

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