How to Prevent Distracted Driving: Jaguar’s Heads Up Display

Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents in the United States. Chances are you or someone you love knows someone who has been seriously impacted by a car accident.

Car accidents resulted in 3,166 deaths in the year 2017 alone. The good news is that distracted driving deaths went down from 2015; the bad news is that more adults appear to drive distracted than teens, which sets a poor example for young drivers. Approximately nine people die and 1000 others get injured every day in the United States. The cause? Distracted driving.

Using cellphones while behind the wheel is the most commonly cited cause of distracted driving. The use of mobile phones while driving covers a wide range of activities. Messaging, browsing social media, and using a navigation app are the most distracting activities and result in the most accidents.

If you want to learn more about how to prevent distracted driving, read on. We’ll show you how Jaguar is changing the game for drivers everywhere.

How to Prevent Distracted Driving Before It’s Too Late

Car manufacturers and Smartphone companies are working hand in hand to solve the problem related to distracted driving. They are offering technological solutions designed to address these issues.

While everyone knows that it’s a bad idea to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, preventing distracted driving proves to be far more difficult. Drivers are far more likely to see distracted driving as a negligible offense. Add to that the fact that most drivers believe that they’re only looking away from the road for a moment and you have a recipe for disaster.

Because it can be difficult to make distracted drivers recognize the consequences of their actions before its too late, more must be done to prevent these drivers from harming themselves or others.

New Features

Automakers have been keen to recognize this issue and tailor new innovations to help keep drivers and passengers safe. These include features like heads up displays. The HUD projects the car driving speed and other information onto the windshield in front of the driver.

This enables the driver to see the information without taking their eyes off the road. Other features may include audio alerts to give the driver important information without requiring them to look down.

Preventing distractions isn’t the only way that automakers like Jaguar are working to prevent accidents. Newly designed Jaguars will easily detect when the car drifts into another lane without proper signaling.

Other features include blind-spot detection and automatic braking. Automatic breaking causes the car to stop when the driver’s vehicle is about to hit or collide with another vehicle or pedestrian. It also includes cross traffic warning when a car is about to pass behind the driver in a parking lot.

The Results

Amazingly, these technologies work. Forward-collision warning systems with automatic braking reduced rear-end crashes by 50 percent. Meanwhile, rear cross traffic alerts reduce accidents by 33 percent, says Ms. Cicchino of the Insurance Institute.

Smartphone companies, on the other hand, have also come up with smart ways to prevent driving distractions. These tech companies are actively working to help the driver stay focused while on the road.

This means that smartphone companies must also innovate. These companies are working towards designing the integration of automotive and smartphone tech as a way for the driver to access common smartphone apps through their car’s built-in display. Voice command technology like the iPhone’s ‘Siri’ can provide access to drivers. This enables drivers multi-task while maintaining their focus on driving.

A recent AAA study conducted in partnership with the University of Utah proves the importance of this technology. Their experiment, which utilized five cars and trucks, found that using voice commands with CarPlay or Android Auto relatively reduced visual and mental distractions by 15 seconds compared with the vehicles’ own infotainment systems.

Even though technology helps to reduce car accidents on the road, but drivers must do their job also. The lives of your passengers lies in your hands. A quick 2-second glance off the road could cost you and your loved ones their lives.

It may be tragic but it’s true. Is that text worth your life, or the life of someone else? Is your life worth two seconds? Of course not. Most people don’t believe that two seconds can make a difference and that they’re safe. The problem is every other person injured in an accident involving distracted driving thought they were safe too. By cutting out texting and driving, we could save lives.

“Don’t Text and Drive”

While this may seem to be a simple instruction, many drivers cannot follow this easy safety precaution. What might be the possible consequences if you drive while texting? Distracted driving accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of their driving history. Don’t take your eyes off the road.

If you’re driving fast, hitting a pedestrian will likely result in their death. If that were to occur, you’ll be likely to face a case of reckless driving which resulted in a homicide. You’ll probably spend at least six years in prison if found to be responsible.

Think you can’t wait another moment to check your phone? Try waiting another 6 years in a prison cell.

The Jaguar heads up display is only one of the many ways that you can prevent distracted driving. Need another reason to break your smartphone habit? Many states have legislated laws against texting, talking on the phone and other distractions while driving. To learn more about the current laws in your state, you can visit the Governors Highway Safety Association.

A Jag is Always Your Best Choice

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