In-Car Tech: Using the Jaguar InControl System


Smart technologies are now becoming the norm.

This isn’t surprising, given that these technologies can be found everywhere.

We see them in phones, homes and entire buildings.

Many automotive companies have been incorporating “smart technologies” for quite some time. These are used in the models that have been coming out in the past decade or so.

Among these, Jaguar models, such as the XE and XF, have adopted the InControl System. Jaguar is at the forefront of providing such options for their customers.

And the Jaguar InControl system opens up plenty of new possibilities.

But what are the different features that the InControl system offers?

Could the InControl system be a “make or break” factor for potential? Below we take a look at what they have to offer.

The Jaguar InControl System: How it Works and Why it Matters

The proprietary Jaguar InControl System functions similarly to how smartphones and tablets.

For example, in that the interface uses touch screens and user-friendly selections. The InControl System uses an Intel Multi-Core processor. This is used to access the different functions via high-speed Ethernet.

Among these functions are environment, entertainment, navigation control, and even remote monitoring and accessibility.

The InControl System is actually divided by two similar, but unique models. These are designated as the Touch and the Touch Pro.

These two models operate through a mounted heads-up-display (HUD). The display lets users access functions by the touch. Again, just like any smartphone or tablet.

There are, however, differences depending on what model the InControl versions are connected to.

Touch Model Differences

With the Touch model InControl system, the display is 8 inches. The actual buttons (aside from the touch screen) are on the left and right sides.

These buttons control various functions. Such functions include the vehicle’s cameras, navigation options, and program settings.

On the other hand, the Touch Pro is an enhanced version of the Touch model.

It has a more powerful processor and has a larger 10.2 inch display.

It replaces the physical buttons on the sides. The buttons are instead replaced on touch buttons at the lower part of the screen.

The Touch Pro also includes a digital driver display that the standard Touch model does not. The Touch and the Touch Pro models can be found in the Jaguar XE, XE SE, XF, and F-Pace models.

The Touch and the Touch Pro use connectivity features called the Connect and the Connect Pro. Naturally, they’re applied with the Touch and Touch Pro models).

The Connect and the Connect Pro packages control the Jaguar’s “infotainment” functions.

The InControl system also incorporates a safety feature called the InControl Driver Assistance. This function helps the driver with avoiding hazards and parking. This system feature also helps avoid the chance of bumping or scratching the Jaguar.

The InControl Driver Assistance function alerts the driver to possible hazards and obstructions.

InControl Audio

The Jaguar InControl system lets the user easily use the Jaguar audio functions.

Although Jaguars can have different sound systems installed, the InControl system works best with the built-in Meridian Sound System.

As of the moment, there are 3 Meridian Surround Sound Systems available.

Another feature that the InControl system has is the distance access and control provided by the Remote Essentials.

This feature comes in both standard and premium versions.

Aside from these, the Jaguar InControl System allows the use of environment control.

Using this, drivers can pre-condition the interior climate of the vehicle. It also enables planning routes through GPS interaction.

The Jaguar InControl system also opens options for creating a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot. This means passengers along for the ride would be able to have Wi-Fi access as part of the InControl system. Internet access is routed through the vehicles’ antenna.

Audio Developments

A recent development that will interest some Jaguar buyers is that Jaguar Land Rovers also brought the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps to work with the InControl system as of 2019 for its new vehicles.

Apple CarPLay and Android Auto are progressively being adopted by modern car automated systems, which makes it logical for Jaguar vehicles to follow suit.

This allows unprecedented access to the Jaguar automobiles through users’ smartphones. Previously, the InControl System used its own proprietary app.

However, the Android Auto and the Apple CarPlay apps allow for greater availability and reach.

So far, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto options are standard on the Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV. There are plans in motion to have this on other future models.

To use the InControl Apps, the Jaguar user would have to connect the smartphone through the USB port. It is compatible with Apple phones and there is an auxiliary input 3.5mm port for Android models.

Controls for Bluetooth devices are also featured, accessing steering wheel and voice controls.

With all these features, Jaguar owners and future owners have a lot of options that come with the InControl System.

The Importance of The InControl System

The Jaguar InControl System shows the power and functionality of smart technology. This is becoming common in cars of the modern age.

The Jaguar InControl system makes the already premium reputation of Jaguar models like the Jaguar XE, XF, or F-Pace models to the forefront, especially to consumers who value convenience.

The Jaguar InControl offers a lot of attractive features, but it is just the start.

Jaguar InControl

Jaguar is working on further developments in smart technologies. Recently, the company invested 4.7 million Euros for the AutopleX project for further developing self-driving and safety features to their vehicle models.

This technological improvement aims to provide real-time connectivity and automated functions. It also includes mapping and GPS interactions. This allows the self-driving option to be as safe as it can be.

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