Jaguar I-PACE Wins World Car of the Year at New York Auto Show

The New York Auto Show is underway, with some cars already debuting before the show even starts, but one of the biggest parts of the show is the World Car of the Year award, which goes to the Jaguar I-Pace this year.

The Jaguar I-PACE midsize performance SUV is the first battery electric vehicle to be offered by the Jaguar brand. The vehicle’s bold proportions are a direct result of the advanced electric drivetrain and architecture that underpin the vehicle. The cab-forward profile of the I-PACE is a natural progression of the well-established design language of the Jaguar brand and retains key characteristics which make it immediately identifiable as the newest member of the Jaguar brand’s expanding ‘PACE’ family. The spacious interior – enabled by the bespoke electric vehicle architecture – is finished with beautiful premium details and exacting Jaguar craftsmanship.

The I-PACE has received 62 awards since it was revealed little more than a year ago, including European Car of the Year, German, Norwegian and UK Car of the Year, BBC TopGear magazine EV of the Year, China Green Car of the Year, and Autobest’s ECOBEST Award.

The I-PACE underlines the Jaguar brand’s dedication to technological advancement and is the first Jaguar to incorporate the intuitive Jaguar InControl® Touch Pro Duo infotainment system. It uses an innovative combination of touchscreens, capacitive sensors and tactile physical controls to operate key functions while reducing visual clutter within the cabin3. This new human-machine interface (HMI) design features two touchscreens on the center console, designed to reduce driver distraction; separating information and interactive controls logically, while rotary controllers provide an essential physical connection between car and driver

The I-Pace won a few other awards from the World Car committee, including the World Design of the Year award and the Green Car of the Year award.

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