Jaguar Introduces Special 50th Anniversary XJ

Special 50th Anniversary XJ

Jaguar Introduces Special 50th Anniversary XJ! After 50 years, the XJ luxury saloon is still a choice for celebrities, business leaders, royalty and politicians. To celebrate the success of this model, Jaguar has introduced the XJ50 which commemorates eight generations of innovation. Fit for you, the XJ50 comes with a choice of different engines, 3.0-liter gasoline or diesel, as well as exterior, standard or long wheelbase, and interior enhancements.

Setting the XJ50 apart include the Autobiography-style front and rear bumpers, new 20-inch Venom wheels, a black front grille and unique badging to the rear and side vents. The interior features the XJ50 logo on the center armrest and XJ50 branded illuminated tread plates. The exterior palate choices include Fuji White, Santorini Black, Loire Blue, and Rosello Red.

“Spanning half a century, the Jaguar XJ remains true to its heritage with a wonderful balance of beautiful design, intelligent performance and indulgent luxury that ensures it stands out from the crowd. This is a car worth celebrating and the XJ50 pays homage to a giant within the Jaguar brand that we believe is one of the world’s most stylish sporting saloons.” Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design

Check out the morphing of the model over 50 years below:

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