Jaguar Land Rover invests in the future of mobility

Jaguar Land Rover invests in the future of mobility

Jaguar Land Rover invests in the future of mobility! We’ve reported about Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion subsidiary which works on “developing and investing in new technologies, business models and entrepreneurs to deliver innovative transportation services that meet the new needs of everyday travelers.” Some of these new needs include, ride sharing, car sharing, and on-demand services like grocery deliveries. With the growth of companies like Uber and Lyft, automakers now need to find a way to capitulate and create branding in structures that go against individuals owning their own car.

In the past, Jaguar’s InMotion has worked with Lyft; By Miles, which provides dynamically priced insurance policies for low mileage drivers; Cove, which provides car-pooling services for residential developments and hotels in Hong Kong; Go Kid, which provides car-pooling app for parents; Validated, which enables retailers to reward customers by reimbursing parking and transport costs; Zeelo, a demand-responsive coach travel; and others.

In 2018, InMotion Ventures invested in six companies:

  • Voyage, US based self-driving community taxi service, with the aim that anyone can summon an autonomous vehicle to their door and reach their destination safely
  • FATMAP, a 3D-mapping technology company targeted at outdoor lovers, allowing them to safely navigate off-road across all terrains with ease
  • Transit, a company that built a mobile app designed to help people live and travel around cities without using cars
  • Arc, creators of the world’s first fully-electric motorcycle with Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Festicket, the world’s largest online portal for music fans to discover and book tickets and travel packages for music festivals worldwide
  • WeTrip, a social travel platform that personalises information about attractions according to users’ travel preferences

“2018 has been an exceptional year for developments and breakthroughs in the urban mobility and premium lifestyle experience sectors which is reflected in the new additions to our investment portfolio. We have also seen our existing portfolio companies grow and prosper, enabling us to reinvest and continue to support them as they mature.” – Sebastian Peck, Managing Director of InMotion Ventures.

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