Jaguar Land Rover is Working on Cars that Park Themselves

Cars that Park Themselves

Jaguar Land Rover is Working on Cars that Park Themselves! We’ve written about how Jaguar Land Rover have been working towards more autonomous features, but a new feature could get rid of the stress of parallel parking forever. The car can find a parking space by themselves and park without any driver input.

“We’re investing heavily in automated technologies to make our customers’ lives safer and more convenient. Reducing the everyday stresses of driving – like squeezing into a tight parking place – means that we can all focus on the more enjoyable aspects of our cars.” – Joerg Schlinkheider, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Engineer, Automated Driving

JLR has also developed other connected technology to further improve their driver’s lives, such as tech that allows . cars to ‘talk’ to each other and the surrounding environment. One of these features includes Emergency Vehicle Warning (EVW) that alerts drivers when an emergency vehicle is approaching and from where. Electronic Emergency Brake Light gives a warning when another connected car brakes heavily. Other features include Intersection Collision Warning, In-Vehicle Signage, Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory, and Intersection Priority Management.

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