Prep for the Wet Weather: How to Replace Windshield Wipers on Your Jag

During the summer months, we see anywhere from 6.71 to 10.14 inches of rain each month here in Sarasota. When you consider this along with the fact that rain is the deadliest driving hazard, it is vital that you do everything you can to reduce your risk. One important but often overlooked task is knowing how to replace windshield wipers. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your wipers, then we can guarantee that you are overdue.

Use this guide to change your wipers and be rain ready.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windshield Wipers

It’s a good idea to change your wipers out every six to twelve months. However, you may have to change them more often if they get a lot of use or your car sits out in the Florida sun a lot. The sun will work to dry out the rubber on the blade faster. If you see your wipers skip, squeak, streak, or smear then it is time to replace your wipers. These things happen when the rubber blade dries out and no longer smoothly glides along your windshield glass.

Take a look at your wiper blades. Does the rubber look cracked or feel brittle? If so, this is a visible sign of the rubber being too dried out. The sun’s UV rays are to blame for this happening. When you turn on the wipers, do you see areas of your windshield that don’t get clean? Instead of a solid and smooth clean, only half of it is cleared. When this happens, your wiper blade is well on its way to being shot.

If the blades aren’t even touching your windshield, then it’s time to replace them. When you put the new blades on be sure to check that they are correctly adjusted. You want the rubber blade to rest on your windshield.

How to Replace Windshield Wipers

It’s relatively simple to change out your windshield wipers. The first step you need to do is measure your wiper blade length. You could also look in your owner’s manual for the size.


If you decide to measure them, be sure to measure both of them. Some cars have two different sized wipers. Another option is to head to your local auto parts store. They usually have a reference source that will let you look up the year, make, and model of your Jaguar.

Remove the Old Wipers

Once you have the new wipers in hand, it’s time to remove the old wipers. Start by lifting the wiper arm off of your windshield. Depress the small tab that is on the bottom of the wiper where the wiper attaches to the arm. Once you depress the tab, you should be able to slide the wiper off of the hook at the end of the wiper arm. The wiper should come off by pulling downward.

Attach the New Wipers

Position the new wiper blade in the same way that the old wiper blade came off. Then slide it upwards in the opposite direction that you took the old one off. It will slide upward and into the hook on the end of the wiper arm. You will know it is secure when you hear a clicking sound. Once you know you have your new wiper blade on, lower the arm down and back into place resting on the windshield. Then repeat this entire process on the other wiper blade.

Test Them out

Make sure that your wipers are in proper working order by giving them a test. It is better to do this now so you can catch any mistakes. Otherwise, you risk them failing on you during the next big summer rainstorm.

Importance of Replacing Your Windshield Wipers

Staying up to date on your windshield wipers is just as important as changing your tires. Having wipers and tires that perform correctly ensures that you stay safe while driving in those Florida summer afternoon thunderstorms. Tires that have worn away tread don’t channel the water properly. So your Jaguar will lose traction with the road.


Old wipers do not sweep the water off the windshield properly. So your vision is skewed and puts you at risk of driving off the road or colliding with someone else. There are over 500,000 crashes due to rain each year. Then if that wasn’t bad enough, over 2,000 people die in those crashes each year. Why risk your life over a set of wipers and tires?

Reduced Damage

If you ignore the need to change your wipers, eventually the rubber will wear away completely. When this happens, the metal on the inside is now exposed. The metal scraping along your windshield will cause scratches. Now you’ll have to pay for new wipers and get a new windshield. This may not sound like a big deal since you can call up your insurance company and they’ll replace it for free. But why put yourself through the extra hassle if you don’t have to.

We Can Help You Replace Your Wipers

So now you know how to replace windshield wipers, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll do it. We understand that not everyone is car savvy or has the time to do this task. That’s where we come in. All you need to do is come by, and we’ll be happy to get your Jaguar summer rain ready.

Schedule your Jaguar service today if you don’t want to replace the wipers yourself, we are happy to help!

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