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We buy cars in Sarasota

We Pay Top Dollar for Your Used Car

We'll buy your car even if you don't buy from us!

Are you looking to sell your car fast and for top dollar? It's  simple! Just bring your car to Wilde Jaguar Maserati where you'll always  get a great deal -- you don't even have to buy a car from us.

The process is fast, simple and stress free. When you sell your car  to Wilde Jaguar Maserati, you save the time and hassle of fixing up your  car, placing ads, taking test drives with strangers, or making your  contact information public. Best of all, our written cash offer  eliminates any worry about fraud. You will get fast honest cash for your  car!

No appointment necessary

Bring your car to Wilde Jaguar Maserati and our experienced vehicle  buyers will assess your car's condition. Setting up an appointment is  not necessary. You can visit any time during our business hours.

A professional appraisal takes about 25-35 minutes. Once completed,  we will give you a  written offer to purchase your car that is good for  five days. We will buy your car regardless of whether or not you buy a  car from us.

What to bring with you

  • Drivers License/Government-Issued Photo ID
    To prove your identity
  • Valid Registration
    To verify you own the car
  • Title to the Vehicle
    To transfer the title

If you don't have the title

If you have a loan on the vehicle and don't have the title, then be sure and bring:

  • The bank's name and phone number
  • The account number
  • Your social security number (of owner)

What we will do

  • We check the mileage vs. age
    Mileage over average for the market may affect your vehicle's value.
  • We inspect the interior and exterior condition
    If there is excessive wear it may affect your vehicle's value.
  • We inspect the body carefully, looking for paint work or repairs
    If your vehicle has been in a collision, it will affect your  vehicle's value. We don't sell cars with frame damage at Wilde  Automotive, we wholesale them at dealer-only auctions.
  • We determine the highest amount we can offer you
    Our experts research several published value books, online  auction reports and online sales listings to determine the highest  amount we can offer you.
  • We will make you a written offer
    We will make you a written, cash offer. That means no cash holds  and no chance of fraud. Our free written offer is good for five days.  We will purchase your car whether you buy a vehicle from us or not.


When you sell your vehicle to Wilde Jaguar Maserati, you will have  some forms to sign. If your vehicle has a payoff, we will verify the  exact amount with the bank. If you owe less than the payoff, we will  give you a check for the difference. If you owe more than the payoff,  you will need to make up the difference. It may be possible to put some  negative equity into the financing of another vehicle, if you buy a  vehicle from  us.

Finalizing the sale

We will collect all the keys and remotes, as well as any accessories you have for your vehicle.

Contact us to sell your car

If you have any questions or would like to talk to a Sales Consultant  about selling your car, please call Wilde Jaguar Maserati or contact us  using the Quick Contact Form on this page.